The Outdoor Filter

Water quality in Malaysia over the years has not been up to satisfactory standard and this has created an increasing demand of outdoor filtration system. Contamination happens if the water pipes are

corroded, broken or rusted. The solution provided by Waterexpress is very comprehensive as our outdoor filtration systems have various designs that are suitable for household and industrial. The main reason to install an outdoor water filtration system is to remove contaminants like rusts, sands and mud. Sand media, fabric or membrane systems are effective in eliminating pollutants. There are several sand filters such as the FRP(fibre), stainless steel (bullet & rocket), Twin Tower, etc

We highly recommend the Ultrafiltration system if you are expecting more. With this system your laundry will be clean and white; your indoor filter will not get dirty easily and more lasting.

The ultrafiltration system is very powerful as it can remove not only sediments but also reduces bacteria and viruses. This system is covered by a stainless steel housing with additional auto flush and detox function that can perform self-cleaning and make the membrane long- lasting.

We also have multi sand media water filter made of fiberglass in series of FRP/VMP/stainless steel single tower and Twin Tower. This are the most common and popular outdoor/ point of entry water filter among houses in Malaysia since 20 years. The fiberglass tank can be combined with various types of media filtration such as multimedia sand, activated carbon, zeolite, resin softener and etc to form a solution to the filtration system and it has been the standard filtration for most industrial or commercial treatment.


Years back since the booming of online shopping with the various shopping platform available, there are countless of cheap offer in the internet that sells almost everything and water filtration products are also available cheaply. But be careful as being a wholesaler and distributor ourselves, we knew that most of the product for outdoor filter has been fake and it is our responsibility to educate our audience in this platform about the various fake product or substandard product being offered online. Example:

Even for ultrafilter product, there are almost 80% of fake information online with claims that are beyond the actual size that being offered. Example 2500 liters become 5000 liters, older model or almost obsolete model being offered, smaller size of model and most importantly the wrong installation which is so important for the ultrafilter system. The correct installation of ultrafilter can ensure the system can last up to average 5 years without replacement of cartridge but the wrong one only can last about 1 year and starting to have pressure issues. This will be explained more in the Ultrafilter page. Those who like to read about specification will always falls into such tactics.

Another warning is (some not all) some platform offer cheap price because of the rejected items they get from the Lelong sales. Some are rejected, repaired item, and also obsolete model. That’s the reason why there are cheap! Also most of the online seller are the hit and run seller which they are trained by the online gurus to sell everything and anything that they can source. So certainly they are not professional! Water filtration requires servicing, maintenance and troubleshooting too.

There are also lots of fake products or imitation which does not provide the same quality standard. Some even 80% cheaper and imitate almost 80% of the appearance. So be a smart buyer.. cheap is not always cheap! It’s something that you consume and use everyday! Don’t be a cheapskate but a smart and responsible consumer.

So Is Cheap Really Cheap ? 

We have the solutions in various sizes for household, commercial and industrial use.

Our products can be customized by combining different types of system to provide a total solutions or features to meet customer’s specific need and requirement. Commercial and industrial water treatment system can also be customized. Indeed, we strive to offer good services and solutions to assist customers in purchasing our products. With us, there is always an option rather than one product for all.

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