Water Of Blessing Program

Our ‘Water of Blessing’ program involves identifying more prospects to bless at the same time involve greater potential supporter to donate into our potential prospect. We are also eager to support those who wish to use our water filtration products to bless others. For example, many individuals and also organization has been donating water coolers to schools. Some even donates to the orang Asli water filtration projects.

Our business philosophy is simple…profit is always secondary! Over the decade in business, our business philosophy always to help others find the best solution for their needs and wants in relation to drinking water and filtration system.

We determined in marketing our product digitally and serving our customer physically in our business model in order to provide our customer with the lowest cost and yet customer service orientated.

We believe that we can get what we want in life if we help enough people to get what they want. For the past many years our company never failed to help those in need in our capacity as an enterprise.

We help without getting publicity and stay low profile which against the norm of marketing philosophy.

As our business enters into a new dimension of blessing, we are determined to bless even more!!

How you can help?

  • Help us to identify a person or any non-profit organization to bless. Our filtration system can provide a clean drinking water to person in needs. We will screen and qualify the recommended prospect and will put them under our waiting list as we will have our own monthly quota as well. We will identify the right solution to help the recipient in needs.
  • You can also help by donating our water products directly to the prospect and we will support you by giving a 30% discount and free installation for the system donated. All donations are made directly to the recipient.

Prospect that needed donation