The Twin Towers Sand Filter


The Twin Towers is the best among all the sand filters in term of filtration quality and value for money. Twin Tower series is the combo combination of 2 unit of frp sand filter with bullet type tank/ housing.

This system is very effective for your house or factory. Sand filter is around 10-15 micron. The first filter is with 5 layer of sand media with zeolite, activated carbon, fine silica sand, medium silica sand andg ravel.

The second filter consist of 3 layers of sand media mainly the fine silica sand, medium silica sand and gravel. The reason of 2 system is because the particles and sediments that passes through the first filter will be able to filtered out in the second system.

The result is not only crystal clear water, infact if you have an indoor filter(purifier), i believe you do not have to change the indoor first filter for many months.

Another advantages is during backwashing of the system,the second filter is flushed by filtered clean water from the first filter. Therefore the 2nd filter is very clean and the water that goes to the storage tank will be very well filtered.

The Twin Towers can also be customized for specific treatment and also various sizes to suit the capacity and requirement needed beyond home use.

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