Quality Products + Services + Priced 30% Less Than The Current Market Rate + Risk Free + Knowledge Sharing

Our philosophy is encapsulated into the abovementioned formula.

We don’t want to offer attractive sales preach, we focus on offering quality products and we want our prospects to know the options that they have and make a new friendship with us.

Double Tech Resources Sdn. Bhd. was formed in 2005. Over the years, we have serve thousands of customers and still continuing serving them.

Starting from the business of drinking water delivery services, we have expanded our product line to indoor and outdoor water filtration system that caters for commercial and personal home use. We do not boast our entity as big or the best one in the market but a humble team that still learning and aim to serve to the best for its potential customers.
In the competitive market of water filtration system and drinking water industry, our philosophy of running the business is simple. We ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality, and we keep our running costs low so that we can pass on the savings to our customers. We want to help our customer to find what they want!!
Being as a renowned water filter system provider, We believe that every individual deserves quality clean water for their daily consumption. We also believe that every household or organization should be made affordable in accessing of quality water for their daily consumption and other usage.

The main reasons that we enter into this market was because we found out that the water filter systems in the market are highly overpriced. Most water purifier systems in the market are priced above RM 1,000 while branded ones with similar functionalities are offered at a premium price from RM 2,000 to RM 4,000.

The main reasons are as follows:
  • High rental of shop lots, promotional booths and commercial space in shopping malls
  • Commission to sales agents, middlemen and downlines (direct selling scheme)
  • High cost of advertising and other promotional activities (95% of filtration systems in the market are OEM)

Our Business Concept

In order to offer our product such as water filter system, water purifier system & others at an affordable price and high service level, our concept is to market our products digitally and serve our customer physically. Therefore we depend mainly on direct respond from the internet and avoid various costs from the above 3 factors and yet be able to service our customers at the highest level. By targeting to the niche market, we are able to serve out customer personally and with quality.
Over the years, we have identified several weaknesses in the industry and being a humble entity, we would like to serve and be different in this area. Among the negative or phobia of water filtration system are mainly the price, the maintenance and the after-sales service. Beside, the consumer is also confused with so many offerings and marketing gimmicks that claim to cure this and that.
Therefore we want to conduct our business with ethics and integrity. We put our responsibility to serve as our priority and we believe that if this is properly delivered to our customers, the profit will come eventually. We want to help our customer to find the best solutions for their needs and not merely selling to them just for the sake of profit.
Knowing this, we try our best to educate our customers and pass on the knowledge of the basics of water filtration and alternatives to solving their problems. This way, we hope to help them to make better decisions and thus minimize their purchasing risks.
We are determined to serve the market based on these values.
Our philosophy is simplified in a simple formula:
Quality products + services + 30% < from the market price + Risk Free + Knowledge Sharing
We don’t want to offer attractive sales preach, we focus on offering quality products and we want our prospects to know the options that they have and make a new friendship with us.
‘I choose not to conquer the world, neither to be conquered by the world, I simply choose to conquer myself.’ – Edison Y
We know your needs, because we are Malaysians too!
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