How are cost savings possible through waterexpress ? Most water purifier systems in the market are priced above RM 1,000 while branded ones with similar functionalities are offered at a premium price from RM 2,000 to RM 4,000.

The main reasons are as follows:
  • High rental of shop lots, promotional booths and commercial space in shopping malls
  • Commission to sales agents, middlemen and downlines (direct selling scheme)
  • High cost of advertising and other promotional activities (95% of filtration systems in the market are OEM)
The truth is, consumers are paying a high price not for the product quality, but to absorb the sellers’ cost of selling!

How does buying from make you a smarter consumer?

Our Concept

In order to offer our products at an affordable price and high service level, we market our products digitally and serve our customers physically.
We depend mainly on direct response from the Internet to avoid the various costs from the above 3 factors.
This allows us to reach out to a niche market where we can provide exceptional service and quality products at a competitive price.

1. Find a specific product for a specific solution

Many products in the market do not cater for the right solution and because advertising is very costly for a specific product, the product is tend to be advertised as a solution to all kind of problems. For example, Panadol is always advertised as the solution for fever and headache. Panadol is famous and accessible in many convenient stores. If you go to the doctors do you think they will simply give you Panadols ?

2. Buy a product base on specifications and not base on marketing brand

Professionals buy on specification and manufacturer brand. Ordinary consumers buy on marketing brand. Many marketing brands in the market are just OEM brands where traders simply put a new brand name from the original manufacturer brand.
For example Mitsubitshi has been supplying their vehicle for Proton’s brand for many years. Mitsubitshi Lancer has been given the OEM rights for Proton’s Inspira recently. At, we sell the original manufacturer brands at a lower price than the OEM brands in the market while maintaining the original product qualities. We believe in customization of solution free from marketing gimmicks.

3. Buy your products based on professional recommendation and evaluation from consultants and not the impulsive influence of sales personnel

Because of sales, many sales personnel act irresponsibly and go to the extend of giving out wrong information to the customer. How many times do we hear that a water purifier can cure cancer or kidney problems? We act as a consultant in recommending a solution to our clients’ problems and our clients are allowed to make their decisons based on the information and evaluation given. Our clients buy without being sold to.

4. Beat the hassle of shopping around and buy direct from wholesale

Save your time from shopping around and save your cost by buying from the wholeseller. We believe clean water is not a luxury but a necessity. Everyone should have this privilege! Call us today and let us come to you instead of running around and be confused by all kind of sales pitch and marketing gimmick.

For more information about the right water treatment solution for you home, office or commercial, please email to us on or call us at 03-5621 7915.