Direct Piping Dispenser Vs. Bottled Water Delivery Services


A bottled water delivery service has been around in Malaysia for almost 20 years and still is the way for offices and also commercials. 10 years back, the direct piping water dispenser has become popular and even more competitive in recent years. Both system are convenient for homes and offices alike. Many people prefer it over tap water for several reasons. People often choose it due to taste, convenience and safety. As a matter-of-fact, most offices supply office water coolers for their employees and customers to enjoy.

Many people will come to a decision on which is the best option for them, either bottled water delivery or the direct piping water dispenser or coolers. ( link: Types of water dispenser/ coolers)

However, the task of hauling the large bottle of 5 gallons can definitely take the convenience out of the equation.

Direct piping system is also known as direct piped in water dispenser whereby the filtration system is directly connected into the incoming water source. The raw water will be connected and direct flow to the filtration system and therefore the water is ready to drink directly just after the treatment process.

The concept of multi stages filtration can be divided into 4 stages:

1st: to removes all the physical particles
2nd: to removes the chemical content & bacteria
3rd: to polish and elimination of odor
4th: remineralise & enhancement

All the concept can be ‘packaged’ into various form and shape that appeal to the consumer as the end product.

Both System Offers Healthier Option

Water coolers and bottled water offer quality spring water that cannot be found by turning on a sink tap. This is normally filtered and tested to assure that there is nothing harmful in it. City tap water can contain chemicals and additives that people do not want to put into their bodies.

Having a water cooler also assures that a cold and refreshing drink is always available. This is a great way to keep people hydrated – which leads to more productive, alert and focused employees.



Cost Effective
Bottled water delivery companies not only supply the equipment and water, they can also keep their customers supplied in cups and accessories as well although at additional cost.
Transportation cost and time can be saved since having water delivered also means that the company or household does not need to find a person to take the time out of their busy day to drive to the shop and pick up supplies themselves.

Instead of selling the water cooler and accessories outright, most bottled water delivery companies lease their equipment to offices and individuals for free. Therefore, the customer is not responsible for fixing the equipment should it break and if they should happen to no longer need the equipment; they can simply have the company pick it up instead of having to find a place to store it.

The leasing company is also generally responsible for routine maintenance on the machine as well, leaving one less expense to the office or household.

Some people might just want the service for a short period of time and therefore the bottled water delivery is the best way to go.

The drawback:
Need more space
Bottled water needs storage space and most of modern homes and office pantry has limited space to store the bottled water since the minimum order is normal 5 bottles.

Heavy for Ladies to Carry
The 5 gallons bottled water is a challenge for ladies to carry when it comes to replenishing the empty bottle. At the same time some company is offering smaller bottles which made it easier for reloading. At the same time, smaller bottle normally come with a higher cost and also means the replenishing of water is more frequent compare to the bigger bottle.

Higher Cost
With the cost of inflation and also increase of manpower and transportation, it is unavoidable that the cost of bottled water delivery services will be higher each year. 50% of the cost goes to the delivery and manpower. Bottled Water coolers are usually more expensive and have hidden costs associated with storage, chasing orders and checking water bills.

The Task of Calling for Order
A person needs to be assigned to monitor the consumption of the bottled water and to order it before all the drums run empty. Some delivery might take 1 or 2 days and for home user, the owner must make sure they are always someone at home to receive the delivery order.

Limited Choice of Water Dispenser
Most of the water dispenser for bottled water delivery is very basic and low in quality. Features like safety faucet, energy saving, design and quality are normally not in the package.


These machines have the considerable advantage of avoiding the hazardous manual handling of bottles, the need for suitable bottle storage space, and management of a system to ensure correct rotation of use. The direct piping dispenser can provides unlimited amount of water without having to wait or replenishing.

Cost Effective
Direct piping system ranging from a few hundred to few thousands and therefore is always depending on the product features and quality and most important the choice of the customers.

They also probably have a considerable long term economic advantage over bottle dispenser machines, as there is no ongoing commitment to purchase bottles, but they do rely for their operation on there being a mains water supply available near at hand.

Direct piping and be self maintained and also completely outsourced. The cost is very much depending on the packaged or features offered by the supplier. It is suggested that a maintenance agreement is entered into with the supplier of the equipment that includes regular thorough cleaning of the internal and external components and testing of water quality.

Product Features
Direct piping water dispenser comes with extra features such as safety child lock, Eco energy saving, hot, cold and warm functions, circuit wiring features, unique design and many more. Beside than the dispenser features, the filtration system for the dispenser is also has much choices such as mineral water, alkaline water, Ultra violet system, Energy water, Pi Water and many more.

Cost Comparison Between Direct Piping Dispenser vs Bottled Water Delivery Services

SolutionMonthly DemandCostingCost/year 1Cost/year 2Cost/year 3Total cost for 3 years
Bottled WaterAverage 30 person 50 btlsRM8.00/btl.
Direct Pipings Table Top1 UnitRM1,580.00/
one time purchased
SolutionMonthly DemandCostingCost/year 1Cost/year 2Cost/year 3Total cost for 3 years
Bottled WaterAverage 10 person 15 btlsRM8.00/btl.
Direct Pipings Table Top1 UnitRM1,580.00/
one time purchased

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